Our Services



At Rightwalk we believe that when your dog comes for a walk with us they should have the time to experience all the things that dogs enjoy while expelling some of the boundless energy that all dogs have.  That's why we take them on a full 2 hour walk.  This gives them the chance to run around with all their doggy mates, have a good snuffle in the woods,  play fetch, and break for water, cuddles and tummy rubs plus anything else their sweet little soul might desire.

We only take a small group of dogs out together which gives us the chance to interact with your dog on a personal level, and make sure they are getting the attention and type of walk that makes them happy.

We will pick up your dog from your home or work in our air conditioned, customised van and take them to enjoy the 122 acres of glorious Barnes common nature reserve, just a few minutes from Putney Bridge.  Then they have a full 2 hours to be as doggy as they desire in a safe and free environment.  Once everyone's had their fill of fun we will dry them off, clean them up and return them home so they can have a nice long nap before they welcome you home.

Kona and Cocoa couldn’t be happier and any more excited exploring the parks and playing ball with Rightwalk. Our dogs are loved and expertly cared for in a safe environment. They return home content and exhausted after a full day of play.
— Faith Whitman WW1


At Rightwalk we provide a home from home for your dog when you have to go away.  

We were lucky enough to have two sets of willing grandparents to take care of Pru when we went on holiday but we know that isn't always possible or convenient so we provide a family home for your dog.  

While they stay with us your dog can come on all our walks during the day and spend their evenings curled up with us watching a bit of tv before an evening constitutional.

We provide Burns dry and Natures Diet wet foods for our guests but should you wish to provide any alternative food or if your dog has medication then we are happy to use them.   

We will treat them as if they were our own while they stay with us and ensure that they enjoy their holiday as much, if not more, than you enjoy yours!

Rightwalk have been our saviours for many years, both of my dogs adore them and I would never leave them with anyone else! I have recommended them to many friends who now love them too!
— Monica W8


If you would prefer your dog to spend the whole day out of the house then they can join us for daycare.  We will come and collect your dog in the morning and take them on both of our daily walks.  They will enjoy a little snooze in between walks on one of the comfy beds in our customised van.  They will get home late in the afternoon, ready for dinner and a quiet night on the couch with you.

Rufus has been lucky enough to have sleepovers with Rightwalk for the past 5 years. He has seperation anxiety so their level of care makes me feel comfortable leaving him with them. He is so excited whenever he sees them and many times he has cried when I’ve collected him as he loves them so much
— Megan Heinl SW3