about us

When we adopted our beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback cross Pru, we hired a dog walker to walk her while we were at work.  However despite the daily walks she still demanded another two hours in the park when we got home.  We wanted a dog walking service that would give our amazing girl a proper walk, we couldn't find one so we created Rightwalk.  

We have a genuine love for dogs and treat each one like our own considering them part of the family. We are fully insured and we take care of dogs 365 days of the year as well as providing 2 hour long, morning and afternoon weekday walks. As well as walks we also offer doggy daycare and sleepovers.  If needed we are happy to arrange taking your dog to the vet or grooming appointments. 

Being busy professionals, it would be very difficult for us to have a dog in London if Rightwalk were not there for Gomez. We highly recommend their services! They look after Gomez as if he was their own dog, and when coming back, we always find him happy, clean and healthy.
— Macarena and Jean Michel Brun SW5

We have extensive knowledge on many breeds and are happy to share this with you if you are thinking of getting a dog. We can advise on the best breed for your lifestyle. For new dog owners we do puppy visits getting them used to us and then gradually introducing them to the walks.   There is no better way to teach a puppy than for them to learn from a bunch of fun loving and well trained dogs, just like the dogs we walk.

Our sole aim is to make your dog happy, be that on a 2 hour long walk, a whole day of daycare fun or by providing a home from home when your away.

Rightwalk have been walking our Irish Setter Oberon since he was a puppy. They are always keen to go the extra mile to help Oberon and make his day a beautiful one! Oberon always comes back super-happy, relaxed, and nicely tired! Rightwalk are real dog lovers: the love, care and affection they demonstrate with Oberon is priceless.
— Marco and Silvia Beato SW6